Karelian Monocities
Monocity - a settlement founded at a city-forming enterprise in order to provide production with labor resources.

In Karelia there are 11 single-industry towns, which make up 46% of the urban settlements of the republic, and three territories of advanced socio-economic development: Nadvoitsy, Kondopoga and Kostomuksha.

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has prepared a draft of a new program for the integrated development of single-industry towns for 2019-2024. The document expands the activities of the Monotown Development Fund, the list of support measures and the conditions for their provision.

In addition to tax benefits provided to residents of PSEDA, new conditions have been introduced for financing projects that are implemented in single-industry towns. For investment projects worth from 10 to 260 million rubles, the interest rate is set at 0% per annum (previously it was 5%). The term for granting loans increased from 8 to 15 years, and the Fund's share in financing the project was increased from 40 to 80% of its total cost.

For the development of small and medium-sized businesses in monotowns of the republic, 80 million rubles have been allocated for the first time. These funds in the form of grants and subsidies will be used to offset the costs of entrepreneurs, as well as microloans at 3% .

The name of the monocityName of the city-forming organizationType of economic activity of the city-forming organizationCategory of single-industry municipality *Website of the administration of a single-industry municipality
KondopogaOJSC «Kondopoga»Production of paper and cardboard1 category http://rk.kondopoga.ru
KostomukshaJSC Karelsky OkatyshIron ore mining and pellet production2 category http://kostomuksha-city.ru
LahdenpohjaLLC Lahdenpohskiy plywood mill BumexWoodworking, plywood, wood-based panels and panels production2 category http://lahdenpohya-adm.ru
PitkyarantaPitkyaranta Pulp Mill OJSC (RK-Grand LLC)Production of traditional electrical insulating types of cellulose, tall oil and turpentine, production of unbleached sulfate refined cellulose1 category http://апмр.рф
PudozhLLC Pudozhlesprom1 category http://pudozhgoradm.ru
SegezhaJSC Segezha PPMPulp production, paper production2 category http://segezha.info
SuojärviZAO ZapkarellesLogging1 category http://suojarvi-gp.ucoz.ru
Pindushi town, Medvezhyegorsk districtJSC Segezha PPMChipboard production2 category http://pindushskoe.ru
Muezersky town, Muezersky districtPAO Muezersky LPHPulp production, paper production1 category http://muezersky.ru/poselen/muezerskoe_gor
Nadvoitsy town, Segezha districtOJSC SUAL branch NAZ-SUALPrimary aluminum and aluminum alloy production1 category http://nadvoitsy-adm.ru
Vyartsilya town, Sortavala regionCJSC Vyartsilskiy hardware plantSteel wire manufacturing, wire products manufacturing2 category http://admvgp.ru

Category 1 - single-industry municipalities of the Russian Federation (single-industry towns) with the most difficult socio-economic situation (including in connection with the problems of functioning of city-forming organizations).

Category 2 - single-industry municipalities of the Russian Federation (single-industry towns), in which there are risks of deterioration of the socio-economic situation.

Priority Social and Economic Development Areas of the Republic of Karelia
On the territory of the Republic of Karelia 3 Priority Social and Economic Development Areas (PSEDA) were founded.

The list of types of established OKVED for each of the PSEDA can be found at the links:

For residents of the PSEDA there is a special taxation regime, which includes:

Forms of governmental support: